GADP is a not for profit charity. Our work is not possible without the generosity of others. We rely on winning grants and fundraising contributions to provide the resources needed to deliver our programs of work. Low quality surgical and anaesthetic care is responsible for a significant amount of avoidable death and disability worldwide.

London to Lusaka…. and all the way back again!

On the 15th October we made it to Lusaka in the #londontolusaka challenge, 17 days ahead of the goal we set ourselves!  Huge congratulations and thank you for your contribution on behalf of the whole GADP team. The enthusiasm for this campaign has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the charity's work and the essential role of international partnerships in working towards global safe surgery. In addition, the funds raised are already helping further our goals.  This week these funds are supporting COVID-19 training and PPE distribution work in three provinces in the north of Zambia as well as development of a new, well-resourced learning space for anaesthetic trainees at Ndola Central Hospital. We are extending the distance involved with a return trip to London via West Africa as voted by anaesthetists and volunteers in our partnerships.  This means that #londontolusaka will now be a total distance of 23,566km and will run until 31st October.

Covid-19 poses a real threat to Global Health Partnerships like ours. We cannot send volunteers to partner countries to provide training and support to local anaesthetists in person, multiple courses have been cancelled, funding for safe global surgery initiatives are slipping on the global health agenda and are no longer a priority in governments international aid budgets. Meanwhile, we know our partners are working harder than ever to find safe ways of working through the pandemic to protect their patients and themselves and need our support now more than ever.

We are committed to continuing to support anaesthesia in Zambia and Ethiopia. We have adapted and have found innovative ways to support the specialist anaesthetist training programmes and practice development using remote methods and mentoring.  We have continued to use our experience and strong relationships to do whatever we can to continue our work, and with your help we can take it further.

With this campaign we are working to ensure the essential role of international health partnerships remains on the global agenda and that we can continue to provide specialist training and support to anaesthetists in Zambia and Ethiopia. Contributions will allow us to continue to provide training and support online, pioneer new methods of remote training, and continue to advance vital programmes.

We are giving ourselves the whole month of October to collectively cover the distance from London to Lusaka.  You can track our progress here:

Donations for this campaign are being collected through our Just Giving page.

You can donate here:

Joining the campaign can be done through the challengehound website :

You can sign up to this with Strava for it to automatically upload your data, or you can use Facebook and instead enter it manually.  If you're downloading Strava for this, there no need to sign up for a paid account or a 30d trial- just click skip in the top right hand corner when asked.

Please send us an email:, after you have done this so we can provide more information on what will happen when the challenge goes live on 1st October, and so that we can support you during the month. We also have template fundraising resources to share to help you get the most out of your efforts.

This challenge is as much to raise awareness of international partnerships and how they are still working together despite challenging circumstances as much as it is to raise money, so reaching out to as many people as we can is vitally important. Any help publicising this campaign with your friends, family and work colleagues is a fantastic opportunity for us to show even more people what our partnerships is about, and how together we can achieve great things. You can tell them about it (from a safe distance of course), use WhatsApp or email to share our work, or follow and share our story on social media.

Please remember though that no distance contributed is too small- it all helps us reach our goal.  The goal is also one for the team to achieve, so there is no pressure on any individual.  With worry about a second surge, taking on an exercise-based project may also help us personally as we deal with the challenges of going in and out of lockdown and changes in the workplace.

GADP volunteer Dr Hannah Phelan cycled Namibia to Zambia to raise awareness and funds for GADP and the importance of safer surgery.
Theatre hats are just one way to support our fundraising efforts
Cake sales and cheese and wine evenings are other ways to raise awareness of our work, raise funds and happiness levels in your department